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If you’re not already investing for retirement, it’s time to get started. Your pension and Social Security benefits may not provide enough retirement income for you to live the way you want to in retirement.

With the Supplemental Retirement Plan (SRP), you decide when, where and how much to invest. And that’s just the beginning — here are three more reasons why it’s smart to participate in your SDRS-SRP plan:

  1. You can start anytime — SRP will work for you whether you’re approaching retirement or just getting started saving. This is because time and compounding work together to help build momentum for your money. The sooner you start, the more you could have at retirement.
  2. Something is better than nothing — Even a little bit of savings can really add up over time . And if you continue to bump up contributions on a regular basis, the overall impact to your paycheck may not seem too painful. Consider putting raises or bonuses into your SRP account — it’s an easy way to save a little more.
  3. This plan is made for you — Unlike other retirement plans, deferred comp takes into account that you may retire sooner than workers in the private sector. So you don’t have to worry about paying a penalty for retiring or beginning to take income from the plan before age 59½.

Read about the potential benefits of consolidating your eligible retirement plan accounts into your SDRS SRP account.

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